OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI woke up today to a horrible howling wind coming through the window. Then the cat jumped on my face trying to look through the window to see what was going on out there. Even the front door was banging with the draft going through it and at first I thought someone was really trying to come in. All the horror movies rushed immediately into my mind and even though I knew the sound was just the wind I was going to have to get out of bed and check the up on the situation. I could see through the balcony doors that outside was horrible weather. It was snowing again and it just looked awful. My big plans for today was to go for a walk but that was definitely not going to happen now. I really started to miss the warm destinations and beaches that I had been to in my life. I imagined the wonderful warm sea breeze on my face. I got the idea to put some photos from my travels that have remained in my mind the most up.


When I was younger we traveled every winter with my family to Bali. Even when I was supposed to be in school it didn’t stop us and my mom told the school every winter that Oona would not be attending for about two months. It was great! I remember a lot of things from those times and always thought that now as an adult how wonderful it would be to go there again. Last winter when my sister asked me come with her to Bali I didn’t hesitate for a moment. The next day I marched up to my bosses office and told him that I need a holiday. It was a wonderful trip and Bali will always hold a special place in my heart.

IMG_20141115_012256received_m_mid_1395284124014_4fb47b00774a776005_0bali2baliSOUTH-AFRICA – CAPE TOWN

I have tried to write about this trip for a long time now but I always felt like I wouldn’t be able to do it justice as I’m not an amazing writer but I thought I would give it a try anyways. After this trip I knew that I loved traveling and I was hooked. Maybe this trip came just at the right time for me in my life. I felt like that journey changed my life for the better and I will never forget it. One moment from that trip has been etched in my memory forever. We were at an open-air concert which was held in a beautiful park surrounded by gorgeous mountains. It was at that time as I watched the magnificent scenery and listened to the great music with a wine glass in my hand that I realized how happy and grateful I am that I get to be in a place like this with people I care so much about and share with them all of this beauty. I also realized how I had to continue ahead in my life, whatever the situation.

Cape Town is therefore definitely a place worth seeing and I really hope that I will return there again. I would like see the stunning nature, mountains, sea, beaches, penguins, seals, wineries and everything that Cape town has to offer at least one more time. Who am I kidding? A hundred more times! I also miss all of the time that us girls spent at the lovely Saaras house drinking wine on the balcony. That was pretty much every night I was there! 🙂


capetown3capetowncapetown2ct6ct89ct1IMG_20130411_193925djeddie2IMG_20130401_175626ct5THAILAND – KHANOM

Thailand is a famous tourist destination with tons of people visiting it every year but in my mind Thailand will always be this small village called Khanom. It’s a wonderful place to escape the hordes of tourists that flock to Thailand. In Khanom you can see how the locals live their lives and it is also full of empty beautiful beaches.


The most memorable and best girls trips were in these cities. When reminiscing about these trips I always have a smile on my face. Such amazing and fun trips. When five girls travels together anything can happen!

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Love Oona