OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe went on a little on vacation to Mexico during the Christmas season. 
hadn’t been there before so I was excited and looking forward to it as it was starting to get pretty cold in Canada. We had a beachfront all-inclusive hotel and the beach was gorgeous! The blue water, palm trees, few tourists and long stretch of white sand beach was just what the doctor ordered.
We spent a lot of time everyday on the beach just relaxing. In the afternoon we would do some activity. Either snorkeling or playing beach volleyball or bocce. Although there was one major problem I encountered while snorkeling. Every time I put that snorkeling mask in my mouth I started to gag. The rental guy jokingly said that the reason it kept happening was because of all the tequila but I had’nt even had a drink that day.
My boyfriend enjoyed himself though. He said it was great, with clear water and tons of colorful coral and fish and this was right in front of our hotel beach.

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There were a lot of all-inclusive hotels in the area and not really much else. Luckily we had rented a car for the whole week so we got to see more than just our hotel. We went to Playa Del Carmen a few times which was a very different place. A lot of tourists, restaurants and stores. We also went into Tulum for a day. It was a lot smaller and quieter than Playa Del Carmen but was still a nice little town. The Mayan temples were close to Tulum so we went and checked those out. It was really neat to walk around and see all the history there not to mention swimming in the famous crooked palm tree beach to cool off.


My boyfriend has never traveled out of Canada/USA so It was a really fun to look on as he wandered into different gas stations and tried to say hello in Spanish. Most of the Mexicans we ran into didn’t speak very good English so they understood me better than my boyfriend. His perfect English was too difficult for them, where as my broken english was just right.

We had a good trip but both of us were of the opinion that we will never go to an all-inclusive hotel again. By the last few days we were sick of all the restaurants and the mass produced food that all tasted the same. Should the fish and the chicken and the rice and the potatoes all taste the same? I would prefer to go and rent a condo or a small hotel and try different restaurants and see more of the culture. I don’t like feeling trapped in the hotel. Just seeing the same people everyday and feeling like your wasting your money if you go anywhere else. Although it was a fantastic trip besides that.

Love Oona