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tammikuu 22, 2015 in CANADA - No Comments >/div>


blondeHello everyone, happy friday!

Today I was visiting my friend in Okotoks, a small town south of Calgary. It is a lovely place surrounded by prairies and right at the foot of the mountains.

We decided to go for a walk and ran into some beautiful horses. My friend had heard a rumor that if you go onto certain peoples property the owner might come out with a gun and threaten you. So with a little hesitation we walked across the field to get closer to the horses. When we got close to them they raced up to the fence to greet us. They were so happy to see people.

HorseoutfithorseIt was a great end to a wonderful day. The horses were very large and a little intimidating but once we said hello to them they were so friendly. It turns out hei is for horses.

Love Oona

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